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Long before the beauty industry recognised the need for more gentle and eco-friendly alternatives, Carol Priest was pioneering the path towards chemical-free beauty since its establishment of 1988. Our early adoption of a chemical-free ethos was not just innovative but revolutionary, setting a new benchmark for the industry. This foresight was a clear reflection of Carol Priest’s commitment to offering products that are safe, effective, and in harmony with nature.





No harsh chemicals

Key Ingredients

Detailed view of the skin texture on a woman's face, illustrating skincare guidelines advocated by Carol Priest for optimal skin health.


1. After cleansing and toning your skin, apply your preferred serum, eye cream, and moisturiser.
2. Gently press the night balm into your skin using your fingertips, ensuring even coverage
3. Massage it in using gentle circular motions until fully absorbed.

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Our customers' experiences speak volumes about the efficacy of our products. From those struggling with dryness and sensitivity to others seeking more youthful, radiant complexions, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. These testimonials offer a window into the real-life benefits of switching to natural, chemical-free skincare.