Discover the Time-Tested Elegance of Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics

Image of a smiling woman at a dressing table holding Carol Priest's Neroli Aurantium Facial Lotion, a skincare product for radiant skin.

For 35 years, Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics has been at the forefront of formulating natural skincare products, with a proven track record of being gentle yet effective. As more people embrace the benefits of natural skincare, our commitment to quality and sustainability sets us apart. Experience the time-tested elegance of Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics today and transform your skincare routine.

Gentle and Proven Formulations

We have spent years perfecting our natural skincare formulas. Our extensive experience and dedication to using carefully selected plant-derived ingredients ensure that our products provide gentle yet effective solutions without compromising the skin's natural balance. With Carol Priest, you can trust in the power of nature to reveal your skin's radiance.

Time-Tested Efficacy

Having formulated natural skincare products since 1988, Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics has stood the test of time. Our products have garnered a loyal following and received positive feedback from countless satisfied customers.

Embracing Nature's Bounty

At Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics, we believe in harnessing the potency of botanical extracts and pure essential oils to create their cleansers. Our formulas are carefully crafted to include the finest quality ingredients that offer a plethora of skin-loving benefits. 

Sustainable Beauty

In addition to our exceptional formulations, Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics prioritises sustainability. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our eco-friendly packaging choices – we've been using glass packaging since 1988 – and our dedication to minimising our ecological footprint by using locally sourced and organic ingredients wherever possible.


Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics has been a trusted name in the natural skincare industry since 1988. By choosing Carol Priest, you're supporting a brand that aligns with your values of both beauty and sustainability. Join the community of satisfied customers who have embraced the beauty and effectiveness of Carol Priest's natural skincare. Your skin deserves the best nature has to offer.